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What should you look for in your Candid wedding Photographer?

Candid Wedding Photographers, What must you be asking them ?


The Big day is around the corner and you have begun all the preparations. The wedding invite designs are selected , the venue and dates are finalised and so are your clothes. So probably your mind finally starts to think on who is going to cover your wedding ! Now is when you start looking to book a candid wedding photographer for your upcoming wedding.

well, this is pretty much the flow chart if you are a groom to be or a bride to be, or the parents of groom/bride to be. Today photography and especially wedding photography has taken a huge and important place in the scheme of things of indian families who have  a wedding coming up.

pre wedding candid photographs

pre wedding candid photographs

As far as my experience goes the choice of selection of a candid wedding photographer mostly lies with the couple , who spend a lot of their time , energy and efforts in to finding one.

Here is a quick list of what I feel you should look for in you wedding photographer.

  1. Love their style of photography :

Well this is no deal breaker. As a bride and groom you must absolutely love the way this photographer narrates the story of your wedding day. A style is natural and you must as a going to be married couple ,love the natural style of the photographer and not want or impose another style on your chosen photographer.

2. Get along with the person who is your photographer:

As your candid photographer , this individual is going to be spending a lot of time with you before and during your wedding day. So its of utmost importance that you all get along with each other with ease ,and you develop a comfort level to an extent that you have a relationship of trust with the chosen photographer.

3. Be clear of all the terms and conditions :

As a professional photographer, the chosen wedding photographer will have certain terms and conditions about say , the shooting style, payment terms and delivery timelines.You must ensure that you agree and understand these conditions to avoid any future altercation.

4.Set your expectation early on :

As individuals we all have our set expectations about how we want certain things to pan out. As a bride or groom you may have a few set notions in mind. Its best to share them with your photographer , who will ensure that she or he is prepared to meet your expectations.

5. Last but not the least : TIME

This is a biggie. And happy bride and happy photographer will tell you that the quality time that you provide to your photography team on wedding day can be measured in gold. Great bridal portraits , groom shots , couple portraiture are all an end result of planning , execution and creation  And this process needs your time and patience. And your trust . You must some how make sure that you have slotted the time required for the desirable shots .

This is some basic yet simple pointers that I can think for a bride or groom to be. I believe it has some benefits , from the point of view of not only  for the professional photograher but  for the couple and families involved too.

Indian wedding events are as big as they can come. Countless guests and numerable rituals keep most people at the edge of their seats. A lot of planning before hand not only will save you from future heartaches , but ensure that the Big wedding day passes by smoothly without any glitches – and you the individual actually get to enjoy this beautiful roller coater ride.

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