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Wedding Season has begun !

Wedding season is here and the excitement is  in the air , as the whole industry is gearing up and preparing for the opening season.

Exciting months ahead not only for the lovely couples who have decided to get hitched and the battalion of there family members, but also to people like me ,to whom weddings are just a great opportunity to indulge in our favourite activity- Photography!

I am back from an amazing workshop in GOA …GGOAAA i know , what better place on earth , right ? But ya coming back to the point of the workshop, i had a great 4 odd days rubbing shoulders amongst the top names in the International Wedding Photography Industry. #SilkInspire2016.

People who have inspired our age of photographers to go out there and do their stuff. What i came back with is a lifetime of memories , of great learnings and lots of new ideas and concepts work related and otherwise. Colleagues who became freinds and Seniors who became our mentors and Teachers.

It was an humbling experience to know that some of the most talented people are the most down to earth , hard working and focused people. Their life journeys was inspiring to say the least. What they took out of their  life teachings  how and what they  poured into their lives and Photography was life transforming and soul stirring.

I came back a different person. The teacher appears when the student is ready. These phrases mean so much because they are so true.

I wish all of you readers great successes and joys in your personal lives and endeavours. A marriage therefore is truly a milestone in your lives. and ours. Each one of the #brides and families we meet and interact are so much more special .And me doing what am doing makes my job that much more responsible towards the people i deal with , people who hire me to be a part of their day.

I am as always looking forward to a great year ahead of meeting interesting people and touching their lives in the most positive manner as possible.For i know and believe that what i take away will always be so much greater than what i can give. For this i am always thankful.

A heartfelt gratitude to a

candid wedding photography

candid wedding photography

great year gone by and looking ahead a ta sky full of stars…


signing off….see u on the other side..

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