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Wedding Decor and More !

wedding mantap plan your wedding day

plan your wedding day

Wedding Decor – how important is it on a wedding day?

Have you booked a wedding planner?

Wedding Decor is the main framework around which a whole wedding day celebration pans out. Indian weddings is a big deal. Indian families take great effort and enthusiasm to plan their families wedding to the T.

Indians love to have long and exciting days in their wedding plan. We have the North Indians leading the way for us. We have the simple and classy Mehendi , where the bride applies Mehendi on her hands and legs and preps for the days that will follow. It may be followed by a Haldi function, which means applying of Turmeric paste on the bride and groom by all relatives and friends and usually a fun filled Half day . Its truly a great moment to capture some wonderful candid moments of the couple and family.



wedding decor florets

flower decor for wedding

The mehendi usually followed by a Cocktail or a Dance night where basically everyone lets loose and has a wild night of partying and merry making. With loud thumping music where the couple unwinds and has some fun with their close friends and family .

This is typically followed by the main wedding day comprising of Reception and Wedding rituals which may be mostly traditional in outlook and is celebrated with aplomb .

The wedding decor for each of these functions will vary from simple flower decorations to huge mantaps and pandals being set up to entertain friends and family. The main wedding is conducted in an artificially erected structure called the Mantap. This is usually decked up with beautiful flowers , may be seasonal flowers at their best. Orchids are some of the most preferred flowers in India these days .


wedding decor for stage

flower stage decor

The trend these days in Indian wedding Industry is to hire a Wedding planner who usually puts together all the events . From decor to catering , to wedding photography to films being shot during the few days.

Its always advisable to outsource all the stress of planning the wedding or if you love to be a part of the nitty grittier then you must take charge and arrange for all the services you wish to include on you wedding day.For example you must choose the type of wedding photography you prefer. candid wedding photography is a rage and candid photographers are in demand these days. you may want book yourself a good candid photographer who will ensure that they cover the most special day of your life through their artistic vision.

You must consider working around a suitable budget for your wedding day as its very easy to loose track of what you would really wish for the wedding day. Deciding the flower arrangements , the pandal set ups , whether you want floating candles or huge chandeliers are a decision that you must take .

But whatever your budget don’t forget to have fun and make your wedding a special experience and a memorable one for you and your family.


wishing you all the luck

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