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Simplicity or Grandeur!!!

Simple wedding or a Mind boggling one?

How do i want my wedding to be?

I think this is the second most thought after question, after do i want to be married 🙂 SO when that answer is a yes and you have found yourself a perfect mate , then the most assuming question would be how you are going to get married. is it going to be simple affair or the one that people will talk about for a long time to come!

well , its an extremely subjective theory , really ! Destination weddings are the trend since a few years now. people like to get away with their closest family and friends and basically have a gala time at their wedding with every little detail taken care for them by professional wedding planners and teams so that they dont have to worry about a thing . the other one is the good old way where the elders in the family take charge , they look out for wedding venues , popular hotels , go into every minute detail for the days , like choosing and tasting every bit of food offered on the menu ,customised invitation cards, what bands and what kind of music that will play that evening and picking every flower that will adorn the hall and mainly the wedding venue for the day .Make up teams ,wedding photography and Video  teams , the Guest list , the Wedding Jewellry and the list can be endless.

Amidst all this is you , the bride or the groom feeling top of the world and may be a little anxious with what your life will be after the D day.Your days are numbered. Each day is being ticked off on the calendar. The Big day is approaching faster than you think and you never knew up until now , that the sun can rise and set at such neck breaking speeds ! So without much a delay you must reach a conclusion of whether you are handing it all over, or shall i say outsource this bitter sweet pill or whether you are going to get your hands dirty 🙂 Either ways the most important emotion to hold on to would be that of a sense of elation and accomplishment . Whatever that you choose to do , only remember that its going to be your day and YOU are going to enjoy it in the best way that you can , and I am sure you WILL !!!!

bridal candid moment

wishing you the very best to what ever floats your boat…keep rocking :))!!!!




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