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Questions you can ask your photographer !

Everybody getting married has a few questions about their wedding pictures. How and When and what will it look like? I thought i will raise a few common questions that most people or brides in particular ask me.

Here it goes…

1. How do i pick a photographer for my wedding from the hundreds of them?
A. Well , i say meet a few , you will definitely make a connection and love a certain way or style that appeals to you. This Decision should not be purely economical but i would say a emotional yet practical one , well within you own set parameters of expectations.

2. How Many images can i expect or what may be the deliverables?
A. This part is very important because what you expect and whats gets delivered will form the central part of your relationship with your photography team. How many photos can you expect , will they be edited , will you be given Albums or DVDS only. What are timings and how many people can you expect to cover the event. These are some basic clarity you must establish before you make any advance payments to the photographer.

3. What style of photography?
A. You must clearly indicate your preferences of your likes and dislikes before hand so you get the kind of photos that you have in mind. Also the photographer can do bit of a preparation on his or her behalf to make sure to deliver those outputs to you.

4.How much in advance should i book the photographer?
A.6 months prior to your wedding would be ideal time to book your team. However do not panic if the person you want is booked already.If you are indeed particular start early .

These are some basic questions i hear often from my brides and grooms. I really hope this article is able to help you with some niggling doubts that you may have been harbouring!



beautiful candid wedding photograph

Happy weddings !!

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