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Pre wedding or post wedding couple shoot?

Confused about opting between a pre or a post wedding couple shoot?

Look no further and read on..

I always get this poser form my brides and grooms.Should they be opting in for a pre wedding photo shoot or may be a post wedding one.

Well whats the all the fuss about if one asks , would be as the title suggests is getting that awesome couple photography session either before you get married or keep it for a date after the wedding! Save the date either ways , i would say!

The beauty of a pre wedding candid  photography is that the chemistry between the couple is almost palpable! The coyness, the playfulness and a sense of heightened feeling of euphoria that “LOVE” brings with it. The stolen glances, the dying to hold hands feelings and may be get a little more closer , just adds an amazing zing to the pictures , and that shows 🙂

But dont judge too quickly that a post wedding will be void of all that , it may just be a little more comfortable or shall i say been there and done that kind of feeling , wink , wink , as against a pre wedding shoot !

What further adds to the charm and feel of a pre wedding shoot is also the the fact that people usually highly value the sentiments and time before the D Day of their lives with a lot more passion and single mindedness as against say after the wedding , where you may be stressing bidding adieu to family and friends, may be packing and travel issues of a honey moon , or moving places or countries or the list can go on,

SO i guess by now you may have got the drift of my blog’s direction! my vote is for a pre wedding shoot , but again if the couple for some reason chooses to do the session post their wedding , again may be due to a paucity of time before and around the wedding date , or if the either of the going to be wed parties is from an alternate location or may be due to conservative families , etc! a post wedding is still better than not getting it done at all right?


dance of love

Right 🙂

so throw caution into the winds and whenever you pose , pose as if its your last…and see the magic unravel…

Signing off……Say Cheese !!!!

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