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plan your wedding day

Plan your wedding day ! How important is it for you ?

Have you planned for your wedding day?

Planning your wedding day ! How important is it?Have you thought and scheduled your very important wedding day?

Planning for your wedding day is probably something that should be on top of the list for any couple planning to tie the knot.

To plan your wedding day is a must do.

plan your wedding day

plan your wedding day

As a wedding photographer , my schedule , planning and execution gets effected by all the things a bride gets right on her wedding day. What time is the bride and groom planning to get ready ?Have they ordered the right flowers for the day?Is the lighting and sound set up been planned as per the requirement. Is the wine list approved and so and so forth. The list can be endless. From the bridal lehengas to make up artists to the decor , all can effect the mood and expectation of the bride and groom.

A day that is planned well means a relaxed atmosphere for the whole bridal and groom family. A Baraat that starts on time ensure peace of mind for the brides family that they are on time. In south India we have something called as the rahu Kalam during which no auspicious ceremonies are conducted. So ensuring timely start to an event further calms the nerves of the family members and relatives.

The number of people attending an event can either add to your stress and take you to your edge of the seat. A bigger guest lists needs you to be on top of your game. Not only you have to enjoy the proceeding of the day but also entertain all the wedding guests .

As a wedding photographer we want to have a bride and groom who are well organised for the day. That helps us to plan out bridal and groom and couple portrait sessions. It gives us enough time to ideate and plan how , where and what shots needs  be taken.

By allowing us adequate time to take good candid pictures the couple has made a wise decision to invest their time and money in a way that will be most fruitful for them. Having good photography of their wedding day ensures that they can relive their happy moments for many more years to come.

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