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Photography Equipments – Bodies and Lenses !

wedding candid photography

Candid wedding Photography

What photography gear do you use ?

Are they expensive ?

These are the most common questions I am asked as a wedding Photographer. Whether I use an DSLR , the kind of lenses I use , Do I use a prime lens all the time , do I keep interchanging them or do I carry different bodies with different lenses?

Well the answer to a lot of these questions is variable. there are days when I am very happy using just a prime lens and there are events where am trudging along with multiple camera bodies with two different lenses. I am a canon user so most of my lenses are canon. as you have already guessed 😉

I started my wedding photography career in Bangalore with a canon 5d mark 2 with a 24-105mm lens and since then have moved on to more lenses . 50mm was my favourite lens for a long time as its not only fast but gives us with crisp and clear images. A 100mm macro is favourite to shoot some jewellry products as I get the necessary depth and clarity. 70-200mm is another favourite in the tele photo lens department . an ideal lens when you don’t want to intrude on a moment . Not to mention the superior quality of the lens and the image output. my current favourite is the Tamron 35mm art lens. this is a lens am loving for the moment and am getting amazing results. I love the new perspective its offering me and am excited to be shooting with these .

I have also begun cinematography and am slowly learning the ropes in Wedding video too. To come back to the questions raised. yes I use a DSLR to ensure superior quality of images to my clients to whom I am responsible and love. I use a variety of lenses to achieve an end result that makes me and the family happy and leaves us full of happy memories from the day.

Are they expensive , yes well they are but worth every bit of your money and investment. lens are eyes to a camera. A camera body can only do that much , but a lens can change the perspective . literally 🙂


Happy day !!!

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