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Make up and Photography !

How important is make up for good photographs?


Ask any Bride this question and she will answer you before u can say HEllo !

Well ,we all know what makeup does to a person at multiple levels. Physically it can transform your look , your entire personality. A dash of colour and depths of contouring can change your face – literally. And if you look like a billion bucks , well then you must also feel top of the world. Looking good even with a little help is worth every penny of investment in terms of the price you pay and time. Looking and ensuring to get the right person to do your make up for a bridal or your wedding day will be worth all the effort you take in choosing and finally picking the one that suits your style and budget. A Bride who has taken the effort to look her best for the most important day  of her life  will radiate love , confidence and beauty. These are what shows in a photograph. What we photographers love is a happy , smiling , energetic , vibrant personalities. Whose lives , whose character sparkles through every inch of a frame . We fall in love with our subjects who breathe life into our compositions. So i would say that choosing the kind of bridal gown or outfit , your bridal jewellry , your bridal make -up and all of these things adds character and depths to the person you are, and all of this will eventually enhance in making of a  great wedding Photograph!

SO live it up and let it show !


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