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Know your Photographer!

Do you know your photographer?

How did you find your wedding photographer?

Well , let’s be honest! Wedding preparations can drive one crazy.The planning of every minute details from clothes to guests lists to invitation cards to jewellry can be a mind numbing experience and not to mention an exhausting one at that ! Physically , emotionally and even financially you may have reached a saturation point. But amidst all this chaos its very important to settle down or choose the professional who will be  active participants of this day. Apart from the support of friends and family you will definitely need professionals around you who will make this day a walk in the park experience for you. To begin with your wedding planner ! are they organising everything for you? the decor , the food , catering , decorations, photography etc . If not,  are you picking from the lot? How are you finding them?are you on google every free minute looking up services or are you asking for references or are you looking out at newspapers etc. whatever be your source pool , make sure you pick people only after you are on the same page with them. Know them , their style of working , what are your deals , what are the deliverables and little things like that which will eventually make your whole experience an EPIC one !

Once you have made your choice make sure that you have the understanding of the events in order so the same can be explained to the people who will cover it for you. Avoid last minute changes as far as you can avoid . Book them early so that you are not in a panic situation and end up picking from the leftover lot ! Try to explain or give references of works that you appreciate or think that they can adapt  similarly with your makeup and bridal clothes make sure that without stifling the inherent style of the creator you get them to fuse your choice and their style into the vision. Photography too requires you to be a little in tune with what you expect and try to reveal that to your photographer so he or she can prepare in advance to match your expectations. with all this behind you and taken care of ,i’m sure you will have a super wedding day that you can look back to with a lot of fond memories and moments.

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