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Its all about having Fun at your wedding!

Are you having fun at your wedding?

Having fun makes you guilty?

Well if you are wondering why we are  talking about fun in a wedding photography website or blog , well, read on and you will know why.

if you look back or recall the kind of images that catches your eye or attention you will but agree with me , all of them almost have been or are pictures of people and expressions of  an emotion. it could be laughter , tears, smiles , to absurd funny faces.

its about people having fun , enjoying and smiling from deep within their souls.

And to take it a step further , when do these moments occur in our lives? my answer would be when we are really in that moment of whatever we are experiencing and feeling connected to that experience , and  what just follows is the expression of that emotion.

so in a wedding scenario ,when the bride and groom are going through one of the most precious moments of their lives , they are truly connected to each other and the environment that they are placed in , some kind of magic happens. they truly start enjoying themselves. they get consumed in to the moment . the roller coaster of emotions , of joy , of fun, and all those wonderful feelings that is  really make us all human.

and that is what a candid photographer is hired to do .to freeze that moment.  that moment that we wedding photographers wait and try to capture for you. So when the real fun happens , it kind of takes over everybody in its embrace , and we end up with some beautiful moments to look back to.

so as a candid photographer I truly tell all my brides and grooms , have fun. enjoy your day. look in to the eyes of your partner. take a moment. give your mother a hug, embrace your father and hold his hands. laugh like you have never laughed and cry as if those were all the tears left in you. FEEL. FEEL that moment.

and if you go through your wedding and your life with these great emotions , oh boy , have you lived , and lived well.

cheers to all the wonderful moments gone by and to the moments that we will create.

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