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i have a dream….

As you start walking down that path that you had mentally mapped out .. a few days ago, a few months may be even a few years..the joy and the sense of achievement you feel is indescribable.The dream was simple, of holding a camera in my hand. Today it has taken on a new meaning , a new responsibility and has a new dimension. For what i do today, out of love , of passion and out of my sense and sensibility ,gives a form , color and creates visuals that tells a story…of love , chemistry and warmth!

The images then have their own destiny. To be liked or not, to be held on to or not but nevertheless leaving an impression!I

The lives of people we touch , of people we meet and become friends with. Its the journey of their lives, a milestone in their lives! a marriage , union, a gathering, a birthday .

All these culminates into what i had dreamed of and today make yet another beginning with my new venture..

weddingbellz…..share lives…share dreams!

A point where love is captured…digitally :)))

visit the world and leave your footsteps !!!!!


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