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how do you find a photographer?

Looking to find a photographer near you?

Who is the best photographer to cover my wedding?

Ideally , i would like you to answer that for yourself! The reason being obviously that choosing a photographer to cover your wedding should basically cover these aspects :-

1. you really really like the photographers work, vision and output

2.you relate to the style and sense and sensibility of his or her work

3.you are made to feel special and comfortable by the photographer : this is really important as your relationship and the comfort level of your transaction will ultimately affect the final output

4.you have confidence and trust the choice you have made: its easy to be swayed at a later stage when work is done and delivered . but sticking to the reasons that you actually started out with is the fair and right thing to do. no one likes if our partner at work or in personal life changes tracks or expectations mid- way, right?same thing applies here!

so look around, do your research and try not to be lead only by way of economics but by actually what you feel inside..for that will what make you an satisfied and happy customer !

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