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four exciting days of a muslim wedding!

The first thing that you think when you say Muslim wedding , is probably, Biriyani 🙂

Not only did i enjoy this treat but also host of other rituals and customs. The Nikah of Nazia and sarfaraz started with a warm and closely knit celebration of the #Haldi , in the premises of their home in #Koramangala in #Bangalore. The decking of the bride in a flowing yellow colour garment and being adorned with lots of flowers like jewellery was indeed a great sight ! Followed by a #Shukrana function, which is again where the #bride applies mehendi before her #Nikah in her home and then goes on to complete a few other rituals in the evening welcoming the #bridegroom to also be a part of this ! Here the sister in laws and all the cousin sisters of the bride and groom make the groom play a game where he has to search for a ring in a bowl of water and whilst he does that , get very lovingly hit on the hands with a gentle stem decorated with flowers wrapped around it!

Then of course the #Nikah which is held separately in different rooms , where the couple is blessed and accept one another into their lives!

I got to spend some wonderful


mehendi on the hands of the bride

time with the bride and her very warm family members! Really what i do , that is candid wedding photography makes me a part of their family even if very briefly for a few moments or days! i would really like to say a Big thank u for all the people who have made me a part of their special day !!!

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