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Early morning candid wedding Photography schedules!

Candid wedding photography

This Sunday morning , i had a candid wedding session to cover at 4 Am! Initially the thought of having to you know wake up by 3 am and get going, was a little scary ! But as always, the excitement of photographing yet another couple ,start a beautiful journey together was exciting to me. Now this is what i really like about what i do.


No two people or weddings or families are the same, Ever!No matter how much we as Indians or as Culturally common things we have , the individual likes and passion, interests and sensibility always carves out a different identity for itself. This tamil wedding style was over in a jiffy, shortest wedding i witnessed in the resent times! The couple was eager to do some post wedding shots so we managed to do some Bike shots as well as jumping shots of the #bride and #Bridegroom in their wedding attire , right in middle of Koramangala , in Bangalore!

the couple is celebrating their love

the couple is celebrating their love

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