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Choosing a professional photographer for your wedding or a friend?

Should i ask my friend or choose a professional?

This is a touchy thought in all bride and grooms head !

I can bet a million bucks that all photographers and going to be married soon couples at one point have had this thought pop up in their heads. Should they be hiring a professional to cover their wedding or should they ask a friend to cover it instead!its a difficult choice , trust me but an important one at that. Now , what’s the big difference if you ask , well , all the difference i would say. A professional , which means that he or she does photography as a routine part of their lives , which means that they would be better equipped to handle situations and not loose control or panic in moments when required.They are so much in a better position to perform their duty as they already know what needs to be done and how it needs to be done. high anxiety levels by families, intrusive friends and cousins  and sometimes unfriendly people are all met with expert behaviour!  But having said that , it does not mean that your friend is not capable of all the qualities mentioned above , its just that a PRO comes with these qualities by default! SO next time you are confused on this one ,  think hard and long , as the wedding day comes mostly just once in a lifetime 🙂

Signing off by saying , try to look for a friend in your photographer rather than looking for a photographer in a friend….cheesy , i know 🙂love-forever

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