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Candid Photography and Traditional Photography!

The choice between Candid and conventional Photography

MG_3554-22Its been a little while now , that we photographers have had to talk about the necessity and differences between a candid photography session and the role that Conventional Photography Plays out in the event of a wedding or any such important events. Almost all couples know the difference but want to hear it again , the difference and the choice of one over the other. And my answer always is in the Cocktail, a mixture or blend of both the styles.Candid photography as most of you know focuses on the natural flow of things and ensuring to capture those little details. And having said that the group shots and stage shots that is carried out during a wedding or a Reception Function is also essentially a very important facet .

One style of photography cannot substitute for the other. As much as candid shots captured may make your heart skip a beat , you will eventually need the groupies to do justice to the scores of friends and family members , some of whom may have travelled thousands of miles to make it to your special day , and Boy, do they deserve a special place is your hearts and Photo albums , yes they do :)))

At the end of the day what is of most importance is that the bride and the groom and their families get a mix of both the styles. A little bit of this and a little bit of that! And together the whole picture seems complete !

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