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Candid Photo Saga-Love Knows no Boundaries

Love is the only truth, candid wedding moments!

Meet Gayathri and Zac..

You marry a person , not his or her religion or country or race or creed or colour or any of those things that people usually make  a big fuss about. I witnessed a #wedding of two people who were so obviously in love that they only saw each other and all their likes and similarities and not an ocean of reasons that restricts two people from truly connecting. Weddingbellz was fortunate enef to have been a part of this beautiful #Indian wedding at the Jayamahal Palace in Bangalore , which made the whole thing even more prettier. Gayathri and Zac went about a ritualistic Iyer wedding where the groom took part in the #kashiyatra and followed it with the #unjal ceremony. Then very spiritedly they exchanged garlands and accepted all the blessings and sweets showered on them by family and friends as zac family and friends , who are Australian watched with amazement . Then followed a beautiful wedding ceremony with the Pujari explaining the significance of every ritual and what was being performed any why.

The crowd was mesmerised and for once was really interested in watching this beautiful union as it was really a coming together of two cultures and confluence of histories, family backgrounds and personal realities. I really had a great time photographing this couple who were very enthusiastic about the whole thing. They let me into their lives , to be a part of a very special day in their lives. And what really makes me ecstatic is that whwnever they look back to this day , to this moment in their lives , our work , my photography will narrate their story to them. It will bring back pictorial memories of what they might have been feeling on that day.

And thats the story , the bottomlinelife-and-love of what i do and why i do .

Signing off…..

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