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10 years of wedded bliss!

couple celebrating 10 years of wedding anniversary in Greece like location!

There is this amazing feeling that you get when you bump into people who are mutually compatible and in love. The chemistry, bond, sensitivity and affection for each other is so real that you can feel it like thick air! i have been lucky to know of two such people . And the best part is that i got an opportunity to capture a few moments of their craziness ! So not only did we have a blast but came away with a great experience on a personal level as well as with some amazing #candid #photos of this couple just enjoying and basically having a good time.

So what we did is pre planned the shoot dates months ago and made sure we got our reservations at our favourite spot at a time that suited us most. We planned our outfits in sync with the occasion, got all dressed up , you know, the make up, the accessories , the foot wear , the nail paint shades and most importantly , THE RIGHT ATTITUDE ! because what a happy heart can do , nothing else can !

Take a look at a picture preview right now , and watch for the album come up on my web site ,


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